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Book Box


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"Queers Who Bite" is a bimonthly book box perfect for readers who enjoy the darker side of fiction. Each month, you will receive a carefully curated box of books, picked with the intent of satifying the readers' cravings for unhinged, nasty queer storiies.


We are committed to supporting indie authors and small local artists, so you can expect to find unique and exciting reads and art in every box.


Sign up today and start discovering a world of terrifying, bone-chilling stories - with a dash of gore, a spoon of religion, and pinch of erotica.

Book Box

45,00 €Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
45,00 €
Get all future boxes! Renews every 2 months.
45,00 €every 2 months for 12 months

If the product is not sold out, you have until the 10th (of the month the box is shipped) to order the monthly box. After that, it will forever be gone, so be sure to grab it while its available!

This means:

  • January Box: Nov. 11th - Jan. 10th
  • March Box: Jan. 11th - Mar. 10th 
  • May Box: Mar. 11th - May 10th
  • July Box: May 11th - Jul. 10th
  • September Box: Jul. 11th - Sep. 10th
  • November Box: Sep. 11th - Nov. 10th  
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